Available courses

Connecting Virtually: Listening and learning from Lived Experience

The COVID 19 pandemic forced us to use online technologies to deliver health services and to push many meetings from actual to virtual. Organisations and groups are providing discussion and training on using various platforms such as Zoom, Coviu, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, Texas and others for tele-health service delivery. The voice and needs of the end user have been notably absent from this training so far; particularly in relation to trauma-informed, safe engagement and recovery principles. 

To address this, we are offering a series of three courses. This will begin to fill thtraining gap by collating lived experience expertise through reflecting on the needs of recipients of virtual meetings, and/or tele-health related consultations, in order to develop material for lived experience-informed engagement processes and approaches in the virtual space.  

The outcome of these courses will be a co-produced course for service providers on the needs of people with lived experience when delivering telehealth services.